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Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the Washington D.C. mall in front of the capitol building on October 30, 2010. John Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear received an incredible amount of followers that traveled to unite days before the midterm elections. For such an interesting time in the journalism field where the internet seems to be taking over, two comedians on television have proven to be innovators that are appreciated by many.

Television became the main source of news for many people for many years due to families gathering around the television to watch the nightly news. America has watched so many important events throughout history such as the Kennedy/Nixon debate, the moon landing, the Kennedy assassination and the war in Vietnam. Today, many people tune into The Daily Show or the Colbert Report to receive their daily news intake. Despite the fact that Stewart and Colbert are comedians that provide more “infotainment” as opposed to being journalists, Americans appreciate their satirical approach at the government and media companies. They are appreciated so much that an estimated 215,000 people made the trip into Washington D.C. Among the costumed attendees for Halloween there were countless amounts of signs expressing distaste for Fox News and the Tea Party. There was even a Dick Cheney look alike standing above the masses on Jefferson Drive flipping off the crowd for a perfect photo opportunity. On Tuesday November 2nd, voters will hit the booths and a majority of the crowd at the rally wanted to express their opinion that the Republicans can’t be put back in control of the Senate or House so soon after what they did up until two years ago.

Although the organizers of the rally didn’t preach for one specific political agenda, most of the crowd was aligned with a particular side. Many showed to support their view that America does need help, but it’s not by an extreme point of view. Americans want the truth and Stewart and Colbert help viewers by pointing out the erroneous statements politicians and journalists can make at times. They don’t break news or present objective stories, but they do provide what many people enjoy; humorous opinions backed by extensive research. They may not be journalists but they do analyze the hypocrisy of the media and government. They may not be a watchdog for the government but they are watching over what political figures say. Lying officials and news fabricators beware; there are millions of Americans that are watching Comedy Central from 11 pm to 12 pm and over two hundred thousand of them showed up to Washington last Saturday to prove how much they care.