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Cable Can Still Be Capable

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Google Tv, Uncategorized

Despite cable’s decline in earnings, there still is a longer future for it than internet providers would like. It’s a lot more profitable for advertisers to make commercials for television. Watching cable is much more convenient and simple than it is to find programming on the internet. While Jon Orlin’s article paints a grim picture for cable’s future, there still is life left in the old method.

For starters, radio was threatened by television, newspapers were and still are threatened by the internet and now the internet is threatening television. All these mediums provide information, entertainment and “infotainment” for different types of people and with different styles of presentation. Radio hasn’t gone away, newspapers are still around and television isn’t going anywhere yet. Americans like choices, and the more choices the better. Just look at the cereal section in the supermarket or a newsstand on a New York City street. People shouldn’t want one source to provide them with the content they desire. Granted in the present situation where News Corp. and Cablevision are squabbling over broadcasting Fox and My9, many people are resorting to the internet to watch the World Series and various other programs. But, they are resorting after all. It’s so much easier to turn on your tv set and press the five button (or 505 on verizon). Thankfully I have Verizon Fios, so many of my friends would rather come over my house to watch football or baseball as opposed to hunting down a website and huddling around their computer. Google TV is attempting to change this by providing viewers with the ability to lean back, rather than leaning forward.

Google TV is quite an intriguing technology that could change people’s perspective on how they watch television. I feel they are making television far too complicated. When using a smartphone, you need to change menu screens to do things such as altering volume and switching over to DVR capabilities. All these are done a lot easier on a remote control. Why would you want to change screens and wait for your phone to load, when it could be done instantly? Using google on a computer is done quite often, but it could be confusing and frustrating at times deciphering what you are actually looking for. If you want to find an episode of a television program, you could come across you tube clips of people acting out the show, snippets of the program, the official website of the show, or even fan websites that simply provide opinions. The google search engine can send you all over the place when you are looking for something specific. Television is exactly what it says it is. There is no confusion when you switch to the channel where you know your favorite show is playing. The success of DVRs allow people to watch their shows whenever they want, eliminating the old television model of once it airs it’s gone forever.

In an age where digital immigrants are still present, the elimination of cable will be delayed. Digital settlers, such as myself, will keep the television tradition alive for years to come. I still enjoy certain nights where new shows air, and a solid line-up of comedies causes me to watch television for an extended stretch. Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter will still be dominated by football and advertisers aren’t going to give up their syndication rights lightly. Why would I go to the trouble of streaming a Russian website to watch my New York Jets when all I have to do is press power on my tv and tune to the proper channel. Until there comes a time when digital natives are running this country, cable will still have a place in many American’s living rooms.