More Jobs=Brighter Outlook

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

The fear of journalism as a fading occupation can only be defeated by an increase in hiring. Many major publications are cutting staff to create a better profit margin to please their corporate ownership. Some owners such as Michael Bloomberg are trying to advance the field of journalism by creating more job opportunities. According to the article in the Washington Post by Jonathan O’Connell, that’s exactly what Bloomberg is doing by starting its web-based government information venture in Washington D.C., Bloomberg Government.

The company refers to the unit as “a comprehensive resource for understanding the business implications of government action in real time.” Most importantly this is creating over 100 jobs for journalists including editors, reporters, analysts, web producers, sales reps and product managers. During a time where so many people need jobs, this a great sign for current journalists as well as graduating students. A lot of information shared in a journalism class has to do with the thousands of jobs being cut and outlets folding, therefore it is a relief to hear good news concerning the field that is essential in providing the public with information.

Another positive point of this article is not only the jobs that are being created, but also the goal to provide “deep, reliable, quick, unbiased reporting on government and business, paired with comprehensive data and analysis.” In a time were many people are just concerned with hearing news that they agree with, there needs to be more news organizations that want to be credible and portray stories down the middle. Too many organizations are taking a side to cause their viewership/readership to increase for the sake of a better profit. Especially in Washington, where politicians try to control the information that gets out to better their own image. The more hard-nosed journalists in Washington getting to the bottom of what our government officials are doing with the power that has been bestowed upon them by the people, the better.


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