Opinions Overpowering the Objective

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Huffington Post has recently acquired the help of top reporters, Peter Goodman from the New York Times, and Howard Fineman from Newsweek. According to Goodman, in the article “Huffington Snags N.Y. Times Star” by Howard Kurtz in The Washington Post , he left the Times to be able to write with his own point of view. Not-for-profit news outlets such as the Huffington Post that operate completely on the web are providing opportunities to voice opinions freely to exhibit answers rather than worry about being fair towards ideas that may not deserve it.

With the success and growth of online journalism there is more than simply crazy ranting and uneducated blogging that is present on news websites. This has opened the avenue up for respectable journalists to break free from the mold of appeasing editors and corporate bosses. Everyone has their own ideas and one of the more challenging techniques in being a journalist is preventing those ideas or opinions from leaking into the words in an article. I can also see how reporting on certain subjects can be frustrating when it may seem that the individuals in the story can have a distorted sense of reality. Many journalists have been reporting for so many years and have seen or heard many intelligent ideas that could help them form their own intellectual thoughts, which could be as useful to news consumers as the subjects they have reported on.

Being objective is a challenge for myself especially as I am an extremely opinionated person and many times feel that my thoughts should be heard. I am aware, however, that I have much to learn and many more experiences to endure before I can be a legitimate columnist. It is encouraging to know that there are more outlets that promote individual thoughts and ideas rather than being a cold, emotionless reporter that is void of opinions and ideals.


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